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Employee development that puts competencies front and center: our latest CompetencyCore release

By Jon Spratt on February, 1 2021
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Jon Spratt

How are you helping your employees grow?

With your teams spread out, engaging and developing them has become more vital than ever. And they want to grow, and reach that next step in their career.

Just one problem: they don’t know what activities they should be doing.

Correction: they didn’t, until now.

At HRSG, we’ve built a whole new way to help your people reach new heights, using guided development programs. We call it Goals. Let’s dig in.



CompetencyCore changes the game by tying your employees’ development activities to competencies – the tangible, demonstrable skills and behaviors that define success in any role.

Over the course of 30+ years, we’ve done the groundwork and mapped thousands of behavioral indicators to our bank of 350+ off-the-shelf competencies.

Today, that means that CompetencyCore provides instant access to 5000+ development activities, tailored to individual roles.

Best of all, those development activities can be concretely tied to career paths. So your employees can chart their own course – without the risk of getting "lost" along the way.

Take a look at this 2 minute video to see how it works.


At HRSG, we've made it our mission to put competencies in the hands of every employee, and our latest innovation to enable competency-based employee development represents another huge step towards that goal. 

Want to learn more about competency-based employee development plans?

Check out some more details here and get a demo today →

In brief:

Revamped Employee Development functionality in CompetencyCore (Goals):

Give your employees the power to build guided development plans, focused on the right skills + behaviors for their roles, today and in the future.

  • Goal Creation:
    Allow employees to create career goals or personal goals to foster their professional growth.

  • Guided Development Activities:
    Suggested online resources and activities help guide users towards the crucial development activities that are unique to their role and goals.

  • Competency-driven Learning:
    Employees build development plans based on competencies that are concretely tied to job requirements at a given role.

  • Self-directed Growth:
    CompetencyCore gives employees the power to tackle learning activities on their own, perfectly suited for remote-first workforces. Tailored learning activities, based on competencies, ensure that the goals they’re working on are always highly relevant to their role and skillset.

  • Link to Career Paths:
    Combine development plans with visual career paths to provide employees with a full picture of their path to advancement.