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Onyeka Ndukwe

Software Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions is Now Easier Than Ever!
By Onyeka Ndukwe on August 20, 2019

One of the most hated tasks by HR professionals is writing job descriptions. It’s tedious, time consuming, and of little strategic value.

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Competencies Client Stories

Webinar Recap: How to Save Time When Building a Competency Profile
By Onyeka Ndukwe on August 7, 2019

In July 2019, Sarah Beckett (HRSG’s VP of Marketing) and Zoe Wang (HRSG's Content Development Manager) hosted our webinar on how you can save time on your next competency profiling...

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Competencies Interviewing

Webinar Recap: How to Build a Better Interview Process
By Onyeka Ndukwe on July 3, 2019

In June 2019, Sarah Beckett (HRSG’s VP of Marketing) and Ian Wayne (HRSG's Chief Product Officer) hosted our webinar on how you can build a better interview process.

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Software Job Descriptions

What We Discovered About Writing A Job Description (And How Software Can Be the Answer)
By Onyeka Ndukwe on February 25, 2019

We all need good job descriptions to attract and hire the right candidate but creating a great job description isn’t easy. How do we know this?

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