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Why learn about Advanced Competency-Based Management (CBM)? Hear what this Competency Academy participant has to say!

By Onyeka Ndukwe on April, 19 2021
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Onyeka Ndukwe

Competency-Based Management (CBM) can be a vital piece of your organization's HR strategy in 2021. But where do you begin?

In 2021, HRSG launched Competency Academy to help ensure that competency-based management training is easily accessible to help the HR professionals who need it the most.

With this, participants can access our 30+ years of competency experience and become certified to help improve their organization with their new-found knowledge. 

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1. Interview with Competency Academy participant
2. Additional Benefits from Our Competency Academy Courses
3. Next Steps for Competency-Based Management (CBM) Certification


Interview with Competency Academy participant

We put together a mini-interview of a HR professional who took our Advanced Competency-Based Management (CBM) certification course. 

Here is what he had to say about his experience::

Name: Mohammed A. 

Company: Seera

Competency Academy course completed: Advanced Competency-Based Management certification

  1. Tell us about your HR role and how did you get into HR?
    • A: My current role is as a manager of an HR Business Partner and I have ten years of experience at this position.

  2. How did you get into HR?
    • A: I previously worked in a private hospital. During that time, I visited the Human Resources department wondering what certificates or skills I would need to increase my income or get a promotion. Sadly, I did not find a sufficient answer.

      At that time, I decided to enter the HR field and change the view of others through my work in this area. My goal is to improve the image others have of HR employees (as a whole).

  3. What initially made you interested in taking an Advanced CBM course?
    • A: After my experience working at the private hospital, I entered and completed both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Human Resources.

      The professionalism of HRSG and their extensive experience in the field of competencies was what interested me in taking their Advanced CBM course.

  4. What was your previous level of knowledge with competencies?
    • A: I know that properly understanding and applying competencies is not easy. To that point, I would say that my level of knowledge with competencies is about average.

  5. What did you find most valuable about the course?
    • A: The deep and varied experience of this course was quite valuable. The team and skills that HRSG team possesses cannot be found elsewhere. I do not think they have a strong and capable competitor in the market now. Their passion for competencies is evident in their quality work.

  6. What did you think about the instructors of the course?
    • A: They have exceptional skills, adaptability and have a variety of experience. It is clear that the instructors have undertaken many projects with different organizations and companies and have encountered many cultures, as well as multiple work environments and ideas.

  7. What would you tell someone who’s interested or thinking about taking the course?
    • A: I would tell that person not to hesitate to take one of the Competency Academy courses. With the knowledge from the course, you can start bringing positive transformation into your current HR system. It can have a very big impact on the employees at your workplace (and organizations as a whole).

  8. Overall, what do you feel you “got” out of the course?
    • A: I feel that I now have a very clear vision on the subject of Competency-Based Management from several angles and greater depth. This has helped me to implement many projects and initiatives within the company that I currently work for.

  9. How are you planning to use what you learned during the course?
    • A: I have already started identifying competencies for myself and devising a development and training plan to move through levels, discover strengths and reinforce weaknesses.
      The course has given me many basic steps to start competency implementation the right way.
      I helped the performance management, training, and development team at our company in developing some concepts for evaluation. We also worked on determining the training needs and employment also to raise the efficiency of work and the organization.


Additional Benefits from Our Competency Academy Courses 

Why learn about competency-based management (Competency Academy)


If you are interested in learning how to manage the competencies at your organization or are just curious about Competency-Based Management (CBM), Competency Academy is the place for you.

“The presenters of this program are engaging, knowledgeable, and excellent trainers.”

- David (Talent Specialist at Humber College)


When you register for our CBM courses, we like to add on as much value as we can. So, in addition to the 6 to 8 hours of training from our top competency experts, here’s what you can expect as part of your registration.

  • 6 to 8 Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® (depending on the course)
  • A 20 min consulting call with a CBM expert (by request)
  • Live Q&A with our experts about your competency project
  • A certificate issued from the Institute of HR Management, Inc. 
  • Recordings of all sessions & additional learning resources delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of each session
  • Convenient access to 12 Competency-based Management e-books, all in one place 

*See specific course offerings for specific details.

This course was very well structured and easy to follow. I got a good understanding of what Competency Based Management is, the benefits of implementing it and how it can be utilized in various areas.

The instructors were very clear and engaging.  I would recommend this course for both HR and non-HR personnel.” 

- Lama (Co-founder & Managing Partner at Meras Consulting)



Next Steps for Competency-Based Management (CBM) Certification
Jump on board with a top talent management trend for 2021.

Why learn from Competency Academy

Looking to upskill your knowledge of competencies and HR management practices in 2021? Take a look at our available courses.

Check out the details here  


Post last updated: April 16, 2021