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Jon Spratt

Competencies Client Stories

3 Keys to an Accelerated Competency Profiling Process
By Jon Spratt on June 18, 2019

Neil Penny, learning & development consultant at Adaptavist, had a monumental task on his hands.

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Competencies Job Descriptions

Competency Based Job Descriptions: How to Build Them Correctly [Samples + Templates Inside]
By Jon Spratt on May 28, 2019

The world of work has sure changed a lot over the past few decades, but for many companies, job descriptions have remained pretty much the same.

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Software Job Descriptions

How to Build Smart Job Descriptions
By Jon Spratt on April 22, 2019

As a busy HR professional, think about all the technology you use every day that was unfathomable not so long ago.

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Employee Engagement

We Need to Solve Your Engagement & Retention Issues Once and For All
By Jon Spratt on November 20, 2018

Quality talent can make the difference between success and failure. Learn how to engage and retain your top talent.

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Job Descriptions

How good job descriptions improve your selection process
By Jon Spratt on August 21, 2018

At its core, the goal of the recruitment process is to clearly define the requirements of a job, and then to next find and select the ideal candidate. 

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Job Descriptions

Is your organization prepared for the rise of the gig economy?
By Jon Spratt on July 31, 2018

Today’s labour market is becoming more and more infiltrated by the gig economy, a prevalence of short term contracts or freelance work instead of long term permanent jobs. 

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