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Topic: Technology

Competencies Retention + Mobility Job Descriptions Talent Management Technology

These were the top-of-mind topics for HR in 2022
By HRSG Team on December 14, 2022

Article table of contents (jump to section): Do You Have Questions About Competencies? What's the Difference Between Skills and Competencies? The Difference Between Core Competencies and...

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Software Talent Management Technology

Artificial intelligence: How can HR use it ethically?
By HRSG Team on November 25, 2022

Article table of contents (jump to section): Bias in the machine Explainable AI Human mediation Data sets Governance frameworks Continual oversight Questions to ask your vendor ...

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Competencies Technology Implementation

6 Ways to Ensure the Success of an HR Technology Implementation
By HRSG Team on April 28, 2022

HR technology—and talent management solutions (TMS) in particular—are now integral to managing the organization’s talent. The TMS market is predicted to reach a CAGR (combined annual growth...

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