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Topic: Competencies

Competencies Development Career Pathing Competency-based Management

3 Things HR Can Do to Mitigate the Impact of Layoffs
By HRSG Team on August 23, 2022

Article table of contents (jump to section): The pendulum swings Use competencies Invest in development Provide career pathing From downswing to upswing Only a short time ago, the Great...

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Competencies Competency-based Management

The Business Case for Competencies
By HRSG Team on August 23, 2022

Article table of contents (jump to section): Competencies have unique attributes Competencies deliver measurable ROI Competencies make good business sense Competencies have become the...

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Competencies Client Stories

Competency Profiles: The Key to Evaluating Employee Capabilities Accurately
By HRSG Team on July 27, 2022

Article table of contents (jump to section): Precision through competency profiles Case study: Standardizing safety and security Quantifying the levels of knowledge and experience...

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Competencies Technology Implementation

6 Ways to Ensure the Success of an HR Technology Implementation
By HRSG Team on April 28, 2022

HR technology—and talent management solutions (TMS) in particular—are now integral to managing the organization’s talent. The TMS market is predicted to reach a CAGR (combined annual growth...

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Competencies Software Competency Technology

2022 Talent Trends for Credit Unions and Banks
By HRSG Team on April 14, 2022

From digital transformation to the rise in cryptocurrency and robo-advisors, credit unions and regional banks have had a bumpy ride over the past five years—and that's before the pandemic...

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Competencies Competency Software Competency Technology

Competency Technology: 7 Key Considerations for HR Teams
By HRSG Team on March 16, 2022

As competencies become the preferred approach to talent management, the adoption of competency technologies is on the rise. Few HR teams are lucky enough to have industrial-organizational...

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