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The key info you need to know about competencies

By Sarah Beckett on September, 4 2018
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Sarah Beckett

The Key Info You Need to Know About Competencies

Whether you’re entirely new to competencies, or you’re seeking to further optimize your competency initiatives, we’ve produced a series of short educational videos designed to provide the most important and useful information about competencies, job descriptions, and software implementation.

What are Competencies?

Competencies are the proven building blocks that strategically streamline your talent management process and enhance organizational performance. Whether your biggest talent management challenge lies in selection, development or retention, a competency-driven approach will improve results at every stage of your talent management lifecycle.

Watch the video to learn more about the different types of competencies and their implementation in the entire talent management life cycle.

Getting Started With Competencies and Job Descriptions

Once you understand the basic aspects of competencies, it’s now time to start thinking about integrating them with job descriptions. Competency-driven job descriptions are essential to capturing the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and structure of a job.

By incorporating a variety of behavioral, technical, and leadership competencies in your job descriptions, you will benefit from a more objective and efficient interview process that focuses upon sourcing candidates with the most important qualities for success.

Watch the video to learn more about how you can easily create competency-driven job descriptions within CompetencyCore, our competency management software.

Take Your Competencies to The Next Level

Are you truly leveraging your competencies to their full potential?

A common problem many organizations face is not having software in place to streamline and automate the competency management process. Believe it or not, many organizations still attempt to manage their projects on paper!

HRSG’s CompetencyCore suite is the market-leading competency management software that aligns competencies as the focal point of the software.

CompetencyCore effectively guides and simplifies the process of managing, customizing, and validating competencies for every job in your organization.


Want to learn more about using competencies? Get started with our Competency Toolkit:

Download your Competency Toolkit using the form below.



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