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Part 1: Four Ways to Measure Competency Based Outcomes

By Diana Esparza on October, 10 2016
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Diana Esparza

In a recent blog, we explored the Measurement of Competency Based Outcomes where we explained the importance of evaluating the outcomes of your competency-based HR applications.

The time to plan your evaluation is before you implement the competencies, so that you are assured of having the right information to measure results.

There are four ways to measure results:

  1. Project execution
  2. Qualitative Data Sampling
  3. Performance
  4. Business Results

To help you with your planning, here is a simple checklist of ways in which you can measure outcomes. In this blog, I explore the first two ways, and in a subsequent blog, I will explore the more complex ways.

Project Execution – The simplest measure is to evaluate did the HR team do what it said it would do?


Example questions related to Recruitment and Selection

  1. Are competencies being used for interviewing?
  2. How many managers have been trained?
  3. How many hiring processes have involved the use of competencies?
  4. How have the competencies been used and how frequent?
  • In the job post
  • In the screening process
  • In the interviews
  • In the reference checks
  • In documenting results


Qualitative Data Sampling – involves obtaining input from employees and managers on the effectiveness of using competencies. Usually anecdotal feedback is sought via interviews.

Example questions

  1. Since using competencies in the interview process, how satisfied are you (Manager) with the quality of hires?
  2. Do you see an improvement in the quality of hires?
  • If not, why not?
  1. What specific improvements do you see in the quality of hires?
  • Reduced learning curve
  • Higher level of skill
  • Better fit in terms of values and expected behaviors
  • Achieves better results
  • Achieves results quicker
  1. What are the strongest competencies demonstrated by your new employee?
  2. How do these competencies compare with the results of the selection process?

All of these outcomes can and should be measured. For information on Planning a Successful Competency Initiative with KPIs, please see: Webinar Archive: Panel Q&A Session – Planning a Successful Competency Initiative.


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