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Competencies Client Stories

3 Keys to an Accelerated Competency Profiling Process
By Jon Spratt on June 18, 2019

Neil Penny, learning & development consultant at Adaptavist, had a monumental task on his hands.

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Competencies Client Stories

Client Case Study: How Adaptavist Saved Months on Competency Profiling
By HRSG Team on June 14, 2019

This case study dives into the details of how an HRSG client saved hundreds of hours using CompetencyCore software for his profiling project. 

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Videos Webinars

[Video] How to Build a Better Interview Process
By HRSG Team on June 12, 2019

Join HRSG's Sarah Beckett & Ian Wayne as they dive into the tools & processes that organizations are using to get better outcomes & empower their managers to hire great talent.

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Job Descriptions

[REPORT] The State of Job Description Creation in 2019
By HRSG Team on June 3, 2019

We surveyed 100+ HR professionals about job descriptions. Access our report to find out: Where are most people sourcing their job descriptions from?

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Competencies Job Descriptions

Competency Based Job Descriptions: How to Build Them Correctly [Samples + Templates Inside]
By Jon Spratt on May 28, 2019

The world of work has sure changed a lot over the past few decades, but for many companies, job descriptions have remained pretty much the same.

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Videos Software Job Descriptions

[Video] Smart Job Descriptions in CompetencyCore
By HRSG Team on May 21, 2019

Smart Job Descriptions transform your stale old JDs into dynamic talent management tools. It's the evolution of job description software.

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