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Fast-track Your Competency Project

By Sarah Beckett on August, 28 2015
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Sarah Beckett

As more & more organizations adopt competencies, the demand for tools to support this function continues to grow. 

Using competencies can be the foundation for consistent and cohesive talent management programs in your organization. Technology can be a great enabler to ensure your competency initiative is a success, and can significantly cut the amount of time required to get your project off the ground. 

HRSG’s CompetencyCore suite is one of the few tools available on the market within the crowded talent-management space that positions competencies as the focal point of the tool.

If you are looking to build out your talent management programs and processes around competencies, it is worth taking a look at what HRSG has to offer.

CompetencyCore guides, automates, and simplifies the process of managing, customizing, and validating competencies for every job in your organization.

For companies using competencies for the first time, CompetencyCore provides the structure, process, and content that follows best practices and paves the way for a smooth transition.

Depending on what HR applications you are looking at, finding the right tools to support your goals and objectives can accelerate your project and help you adhere to best practices in competency-based management.

Here’s what CompetencyCore can do for you:



  • Competency Manager. This simple yet powerful platform simplifies the process of selecting, customizing, and managing the multi-level competency content used to conduct competency-based HR activities within your organization. Our competency management software is pre-loaded with competencies relevant to your industry so you can move forward confidently with materials that are validated, multi-level, and developed by industrial-organizational psychologists.

  • Profile Builder. Develop competency-based job profiles for your organization. The Profile Builder leads you through an automated, best-practice survey process for short-listing, reviewing, selecting, and publishing competencies at the right proficiency level for each job profile in your organization. It’s a streamlined, efficient way to collect and synthesize input from local or remote groups, and establishes a clear and defensible record to support the process.

  • Interviewing. Reduce the cost and administrative burden associated with interviews by automating the evaluation process. The Interviewing module is preloaded with professionally prepared questions that correspond to the competencies and proficiency levels associated with the job. This module guides you through a best-practice process for interviewing and evaluating candidates based on their competencies.

  • Assessment. Automate the setup and administration of a range of competency-based assessments, including 360-degree, parallel, and self-assessment processes. This module guides participants through a best-practice assessment process that records single or multiple perspectives, measures performance against observable behaviors, and generates clear, user-friendly assessments and reports.

  • Development. Map out a clear action plan for addressing competency gaps or achieving career progression goals. Set development targets and goals, and suggest learning resources that support further growth and improvement. This module helps you develop talent more effectively by aligning employees’ career-development goals with organizational goals.

  • Performance. Customize and automate a process that guides managers and employees through an ongoing performance management process. This module encourages open communication, provides specific targets, deadlines, and learning resources, and provides a clear record of the progress achieved or disciplinary measures required.

  • Competency Inventory. Provide employees with tools to build a validated personal competency inventory and identify opportunities for movement across their career lattice. The Competency Inventory module automates the validation process, helps employees evaluate their qualifications for internal job opportunities, and enables them to develop learning plans and close proficiency gaps to earn a promotion. Use this tool to identify employees who match specific competency requirements.

Want to learn more about using competencies? Get started with our Competency Toolkit:

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Post last updated: June 27, 2019.