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Evaluating A Competency Dictionary

By Sarah Beckett on May, 8 2015
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Sarah Beckett

Making the decision to purchase a competency dictionary requires careful evaluation of the available options. 

There are a number of different ways you can go, from finding free material on the web, to developing from scratch, to purchasing competencies off-the-shelf from a competency vendor.

HRSG’s competency libraries are the result of more than two decades of research and hundreds of successful, real-world competency-based initiatives. When making your decision, make sure take a look at what HRSG’s has to offer!

In over 25 years of competency-based engagements, HRSG has seen the remarkable impact competencies can make on the sense of autonomy, empowerment, focus, and pride that employees develop as a result of a clearer understanding of their role and their potential within the organization.

We have leveraged this experience to develop and refine our competencies over time, ensuring the behaviors defined in the competencies reflect the requirements of today’s workforce.

Enterprise-wide competencies:

Competencies have the greatest business impact when applied organization-wide, and HRSG’s competencies are designed for all levels and all jobs.

By incorporating a combination of general competencies—competencies describing the general behaviors required to perform effectively in a range of jobs—and technical competencies—competencies describing the application of knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a specific role or group of jobs—we offer a highly targeted solution to help our client reflect both the “soft skills” and “know-how” needed for successful job performance.

Proficiency levels:

Different jobs and job levels require different levels of skill. We address this by defining multiple levels of proficiency for each competency.

Breaking a competency into progressive levels provides more accuracy and allows managers and employees to see how a competency is expressed differently depending on the amount of experience, skill, and aptitude required for a particular job.

This additional detail and context provides a shared language during discussions about performance and greater accuracy when talking about specific workplace behaviors and expectations.

Fully customizable:
HRSG recognizes that jobs and organizations are unique. Our competences can be easily customized to match your needs, and we provide you with the tools to easily manage and update this content.

By adapting off-the-shelf competencies, you not only benefit from the cost savings associated with developing competencies from scratch, but you are able to reflect your organization’s unique perspective and culture into the language used in the behavioral indicators.

Cloud-based management tools:
One of the biggest barriers to adoption of competencies is inability to manage and access the content. Our competency management software, CompetencyCore, gives you the power to easily manage the competencies, build targeted competency profiles, and implement competencies into your HR processes.

Competencies and job profiles can also be exported from CompetencyCore for import into other talent management applications.

Integration of competencies:
One of the great advantages of HRSG’s multi-level competencies is their ability to create greater consistency and continuity across the talent lifecycle—from hiring to career progression to succession planning.

Our competencies have been designed for the full HR spectrum, and we offer additional support tools to accelerate adoption, such as behavior-based interview questions and on-the-job learning activities mapped to the general competencies.

Ongoing support:
HRSG is not just a competency vendor or software company. We have the in-house capacity to provide the support needed to ensure success of your competency initiative in the long term. Our goal is to make our clients self-sufficient rather than reliant, and we will build training and coaching into our project plans where appropriate.


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Post last updated: January 8, 2021