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Enabling high-performance career development with technology

By Sarah Beckett on October, 23 2018
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Sarah Beckett

 Part 2 of a 5-Part Series:

High-performance career development drives a variety of talent processes that are crucial to organizational success. When your employees are driven and engaged they are likely to perform better, stay with your organization longer, and be part of a supportive corporate culture.

In last week’s article, we discussed how although most organizations understand the importance of career development, few are implementing a complete career framework with well-defined and aligned strategies. As a result of this, these organizations face barriers such as an absence of competencies tied to career paths, job descriptions that don’t match the work performed, and a lack of technology to support career development.

This week’s article focuses on the second essential for high-performance career development, utilizing technology. Once you begin to incorporate competencies into your career development framework (as you should), the sheer number of potential career paths make it difficult to manage the process manually. Research by Brandon Hall Group shows that a meager 21% of organizations support career development with technology.

According to the same study, 60% of organizations support performance management with technology, which is interesting considering performance management is much less complicated than career pathing and development.

The difference between organizations that use career technology and those that don’t is quite significant. According to Brandon Hall Group, only 24% of organizations that don’t use career technology have well-developed career paths for more than 1/5 of their employees. When organizations use technology to support career development and competencies, this number goes up to 60%. The research also shows that using technology for career development improves other key performance indicators.


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Post last updated: June 20, 2019.