Writing Job Descriptions is Now Easier Than Ever!

August 20, 2019 Onyeka Ndukwe

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One of the most hated tasks by HR professionals is writing job descriptions. It’s tedious, time consuming, and of little strategic value.

At HRSG, we are committed to changing this and making the act of writing job descriptions - if not enjoyable - at least valuable to the overall HR lifecycle. Our latest update to CompetencyCore continues along this path with some great new features.

Read on to find out the latest features in our Smart Job Description Technology.


1. Build reusable content libraries on the fly

As you build your individual job descriptions, copy and paste content directly from any word document to any section of your job descriptions: Knowledge, Education, Certifications, Experience and Languages.

Our new AI-powered content recognition tool will help you organically build a re-usable content library so you can leverage this content on other job descriptions. Not only will this save you time when writing future job descriptions, but you will begin to build intelligence around similarities between jobs.

Also, take advantage of our intelligent type-ahead suggestions to easily access the content related to your job requirements that may already exist in your libraries.


2. Embedded Insights

As you start to incorporate competencies in your organization, you will want to understand which competencies are used the most (or least) in your organization today. Our new at-a-glance insights will highlight not only the number of jobs where the competency is required, but also the frequency & ranking of each specific competency.

It also shows the job profiles that are similar to a specific job profile so you can get an overview of the positions in your organization.

This information can be used to target Learning and Development programs on the most essential competencies across your organization. It can also be used to identify commonalities between job profiles.


3. Validation Surveys Enhancements

The Validation Survey function in CompetencyCore is designed to get feedback from employees and managers on the content included on job descriptions.

This includes capturing feedback and comments on everything from the competencies pre-selected for the job, the responsibility statements as well as knowledge areas., education, certifications, languages, etc.

The enhancements to the survey tool make it easier for the Approver to incorporate the final feedback from Reviewers and save time in applying the edits to the job profile.



Next Steps

If you’re a current CompetencyCore client, we hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you haven’t gotten the chance to experience the power of CompetencyCore yet, you can book your demo by filling out the form below! 


Are you looking for a tool to write better job descriptions? Tired of managing your physical job descriptions?

Find out how we can help you by using filling out the form below.




Post last updated: August 20, 2019.

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