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Core competencies help employees embrace change at an aircraft manufacturing company

By Sarah Beckett on April, 10 2015
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Sarah Beckett

This case study is about how HRSG helped a manufacturing organization with redefining their goals and values.

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
  • FOCUS: Aircraft products and services
  • SIZE: 5,400 employees
  • PROBLEM: Emerging from bankruptcy, the company needed to build morale and help employees see the connection between their performance and organizational success.
  • SOLUTION: HRSG core competency package

HRSG’s core competency package helped them align organizational and personal success and communicate the message internally and to the outside world.

The challenge: Redefine the path to success
When this airline manufacturer emerged from bankruptcy, they had a new company mission and new values to help them find a new way forward. But the company needed a way to help employees understand those goals and connect them to their on-the-job individual performance.

The company decided that core competencies were the ideal tool for bringing people’s behaviors into closer alignment with the company’s ambitions. As an end-to-end talent management tool, core competencies could also be used to ensure positive behaviors were reinforced and recognized during the performance evaluation process.

Although the HR team spent several months exploring and refining ideas, they couldn’t seem to get past a certain point. Without advanced expertise in competency development, they found it challenging to identify and refine the right competencies to connect employee behaviors to organizational goals.

The solution: Strategic, validated core competencies

The company decided to engage an external consultant to help them leverage best practices, move past the roadblocks, and identify core competencies capable of clearly defined the company culture and identified the individual behaviors that led to success.

The HRSG core competency package included tools, guides, and one-on-one consulting support with a dedicated HRSG consultant. After reviewing the company’s mission, values, and other corporate materials, the consultant selected a short list of competencies that matched the company’s culture and goals. In addition, the consultant provided step-by-step guidance to help the company engage employees and management in the selection and validation process.

The results: A powerful new company culture

The guidance from HRSG helped the company lead an internal process that engaged employees and management. Round-table sessions for managers and executives were complemented by an employee survey that gathered and synthesized input from nearly 1,000 people across the organization. By involving everyone in the process, the company enhanced morale, increased organizational buy-in, and was able to move forward with a set of core competencies that truly reflected their culture and purpose.

The company is now in the process of actively promoting their core competencies internally and externally with a series of promotional campaigns. They are looking at printing their core competencies on posters, desk calendars, warehouse flooring, vehicles, and more so they can share them more effectively with employees, customers, and the wider world.

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