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[Video] Archived Webinar: Hiring Great People - Stories from the Experts

By HRSG Team on December, 7 2017
Hiring People is easy, but then why do so many companies have trouble finding great people? 
This webinar covers:
  • How to hire people for success
  • How competencies can improve the hiring process
  • Why culture fit is such a ‘hot topic’ today, and
  • Practical examples of the best practices for competency-hiring. 
Hosts & Speakers 
  • Lorraine McKay, CMO and Co-founder of HRSG
  • Nicholas Bremner, Director, Research and Analytics from HRSG
  • Alex Andrews, Manager of Organizational Development from Rocky Mountain Equipment
  • Lauren Dickler, Certification Coordinator from Peer Support Accreditation and Certification Canada



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