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The newest CompetencyCore update is our biggest yet

By Caitlin Leishman on February, 13 2018
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Caitlin Leishman

Our biggest software update to date is finally here!

While our competency software has been around for several years, this release offers a variety of improvements and many newly designed features to improve functionality and user experience.

CompetencyCore 7.6 brings a renewed focus to robust content management, allowing organizations to define what and how content is used to drive talent management initiatives. We’ve also made several user experience improvements across the system.

Previously, the main library type in CompetencyCore was competencies. We’ve now extended the libraries to include responsibilities, education, certifications, experience, knowledge areas, working conditions, and additional information.

These new library types will give organizations the ability to define job descriptions according to their specific requirements. We’ve also made it easier overall to use libraries, notably by increasing the number of items you can add at one time.

For now, competencies are still the default library type used in all areas of CompetencyCore, the new library types can only be used in jobs. This feature will be expanded in later releases.

We’ve also made some improvements to the jobs feature, with extended profiles that include the new library types. An additional job template page lets you manage how content is displayed on all your jobs. Overall, the process for creating jobs in CompetencyCore is easier and more intuitive.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve upgraded our user interface (UI) for improved navigation of CompetencyCore. We’ve cleaned up the workflows for creating and managing interview guides, scales, assessments, and more!

If you’d like to learn more about what’s new in version 7.6, contact one of our competency experts today!