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The benefits of testing

By Caitlin Leishman on April, 17 2018
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Caitlin Leishman

Throughout the hiring process, most employers try to get as much information about potential hires as possible through resumes and interviews. 

However, resumes can be unreliable, and interviews are often poorly structured and subjective. Well-validated tests are the answer to an organization’s struggles to gain information on candidates that is job-specific.

Such tests give organizations a way to objectively and systematically judge which candidates actually have the ability to perform well on the job.

So what is an employment test?

Essentially a series of standardized problems or questions, tests assess a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and more.

There are a variety of ways that tests can be administered, from paper and pencil to web based, and there are many customization options in terms of content. They are most often used in hiring, and in assessing employees to determine how well they are performing in their current role.

The benefits of testing

Employment tests offer many benefits, including increased productivity, reduced turnover, more efficient hiring, and a more defensible hiring process. Professionally developed and well-validated tests can help predict employee productivity based on how well they predict performance across a wide range of job types.

Testing can also reduce turnover by ensuring that employees have the basic skills, behavioral qualities, and more to feel comfortable in their job. Since the hiring process can be time consuming, testing used in pre-employment can save a lot of time when used early on. By having everyone take these tests, organizations can weed out the least desirable candidates early.

Since employment tests are so objective, they increase an organization’s defensibility during the hiring process, making it easier to ensure that they are equal and non-discriminatory.

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