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[EBOOK] Complete Guide to Running Competency-based Interviews

By HRSG Team on July, 14 2020
We want you to discover the best candidates for your organization and it first starts with having a quality interviewing process in place. 

Start enhancing your current interviewing process with this complete guide to running competency-based interviews. You can access these helpful tips today and be properly equipped to interview your next candidates. 


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What you will learn:

  • 8 helpful tips for running a competency-based interview
  • How to evaluate a competency-based interview
  • Definition of a structured interview question
  • Example of a behavioral interview question
  • Structure of a behavioral interview question
  • How to analyze candidate responses to competency-based interview questions


Hiring has undergone a fundamental shift in recent years, as companies are finding it more difficult to fill key positions with the right people. Several trends have contributed to this shift. The modern workforce is far more transient than generations past, so organizations are putting more emphasis on recruiting their next great candidate than developing them from within.


It has gotten so out of control, that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 95% of external hiring is done to fill existing positions due to people voluntarily leaving. This shortage of candidates has left HR in a difficult situation.

Talent is likely to be the main driver of business success in the coming years, and HR needs to drive a strategic hiring process that actively seeks out candidates with the right competencies to support the achievement of business goals.

The best way to explore a candidate’s skill set and fit for a job position is by using behavioral or competency-based interviewing techniques.

Download this PDF to find out how competency-based interview questions can help you make better hiring decisions and get the tools you need to hire your next top candidate!

Take a sneak peek at how to easily create quality interview guides!


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