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Competency-based HR Webinars And Learning Resources

By Mirette Sedarous on September, 12 2016
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Mirette Sedarous

If you have an hour to spare, these video resources deliver engaging and information-rich sessions that introduce key concepts and best practices in competency-based talent management.


From expert insights to real-world experiences, each webinar will help you enhance your knowledge base and begin visualizing how competencies can fit into your HR practice. And because they’re available on demand, you can these fit learning sessions into your schedule whenever it’s convenient.


Competencies and employee engagement

Interested in enhancing employee engagement using competencies, but not sure where to start? Watch “Increasing Employee Engagement Through Competency-Based Talent Management.” HRSG Senior Consultant Christine Lamothe provides step-by-step guidelines for implementing an effective, competency-based initiative in your organization.

With 25 years of expertise in leading competency-based talent management projects for both private- and public-sector organizations, Christine shares proven and practical best practices in this one-hour webinar.


Competency case studies

Why do organizations choose to implement competencies? What key goals or KPIs are they trying to achieve?

Why I Chose Competencies” invites three very different organizations—a technology solution company, a health-care delivery provider, and a social services agency—to talk about why they chose competencies, how they deployed them, and what impact they saw from their initiatives.


Understanding core competencies

Core competencies identify the areas of strength shared by everyone in the organization, regardless of the job they perform. Implementing core competencies can help to identify shared values, support cultural change, and help employees model behaviors that differentiate the organization from its competitors.

In “Getting to the Core of Core Competencies,” featured organization OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) talks about their experience implementing core competencies to align employee behaviors with the organization’s ethics and values.


Planning a competency initiative

Find out how The DXL Group, a multichannel specialty retailer, piloted a competency initiative to support positive organizational change, define a clear career path for their retail employees, and transform the in-store customer experience.

In this Q&A Panel Session, The DXL Group’s Director Human Resources – Talent Management discusses some of the key considerations and best practices for rolling out a successful pilot project.

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