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4 Reasons to Learn about Competency-Based Management in 2021

By Lori Teskey on April, 1 2021
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Lori Teskey

CBM enthusiast

Has your organization undergone change in the last year? Here are 4 reasons to consider learning about competency-based management in 2021. 

Last March, businesses were in survival mode, scrambling to safeguard their employees & customers from an unknown virus. Since then, the work world has adapted as entire teams moved to remote work, and many businesses found new ways to market their goods and services.

This year, as new realities have settled in, HR teams are looking at their biggest assets – talent – and learning how to manage for organizational success after a year of disruption.

How opportune that many companies are returning to participate in competency-based management training, in this next wave of workforce transformation. For 30+ years, HRSG’s organizational experts have successfully adapted competency frameworks, to align talent within job structures that lead companies through change.

Has your organization undergone change in the last year? Here are 4 reasons to consider learning about competency-based management: 

1. Many job functions have changed in 2021 and their job descriptions are outdated.

Your exposure to organizational experts and talent management services professionals, may be limited. Most companies haven’t got that kind of bench strength on their HR teams, and if you’re like me, once you’ve decided to learn something new, you want to learn it from someone credible in the field.

Your workforce went through a lot of disruption last year. With competency-based management, you can start small by assessing the changes one job family at a time. Maybe it’s your technical teams who have experienced the most change in job role/function. If there are skills gaps on these teams, you can learn how to define what these job profiles should look like today.

And if you are looking to hire again then use competency-based interview guides and questions to uncover behaviors that predict a candidate’s on-the-job success. HRSG ‘s interview guide software (CompetencyCore) can help fast track your interview process, with behavioral interview questions and guides for any job description.


2. Many HR professionals are looking for quality online career-oriented training.

This year, we re-introduced our competency-based management training program “Competency Academy”, as an instructor-led, virtual program. All our courses are SHRM and/or HRCI approved, which means you earn credits towards re-certification.

HR professionals and functional leaders interested in learning CBM methodologies, can take our interactive classes from anywhere around the world. 

Led by organizational experts, participants see first-hand how to design competency architectures used in job profiles, employee development, succession planning and the hiring/selection process.

3. Competency-based management brings structure and standardization to your talent management process.

After a year of ‘flying by the seat of our pants”, we could all use a little structure.

Whether you work in hospitality, healthcare, education, IT, manufacturing or are new to digital commerce, there are benefits to using competencies, as we define what has changed.

Employees benefit from this by understanding what is expected of them on the job or how they can progress within your organization.

HR professionals and company leaders benefit by understanding in what ways their workforce has changed, and how to align employees to succeed in today’s environment. If your business wants a blueprint to get started, we have developed Solutions Packages ; off-the-shelf competency-based services, scaled to your budget, and most pressing requirements.


4. Revamp your current interview process.

Things are starting to get better for many businesses today. Some are opening again or launching diverse business lines and are looking to hire new people. Many predict a lot of pent-up demand later this year, for things like travel, hospitality and all kinds of goods or services.

Your business may be doing a lot of hiring in 2021, which is a good reason to leverage HRSG’s proven methodology for designing & evaluating job-related interview questions. This structure champions diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing a fair, bias-free selection process. Competency Academy offers a Competency-Based Interview and Selection course, that would be a great place to start.

This year, why not explore Competency-Based Management? Take a Competency Academy training course and discover practical ways to implement competencies in your organization.

For more than 30 years, HRSG has helped companies integrate competencies into their talent management processes through innovative AI-powered software, world-leading competency content, tailored service engagements, and inspiring competency-based training programs.

Curious about our Competency Academy? Check out all the upcoming courses here!