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3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Competency Management Software

By Brian Crook on January, 29 2019
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Brian Crook

Regardless of an organization’s size, all companies face similar challenges in running their business.

If you are a HR professional working in a small organization, challenges can often be compounded by lack of resources, and conveying the importance and benefits of competency management software to your CEO or CFO can be a major challenge. This blog post can help you address that.  

By the end of this post, you will learn:

  • The top 3 reasons why your organization needs competency management software
  • The benefits of using HRSG’s CompetencyCore software as a small organization
  • Next steps to building the business case for implementation  

There are numerous benefits to utilizing competency management software including the improvement of your recruitment, retention and development strategies.

This post will provide you with the facts you need to convince your boss or senior management why they need our Competency Management software.


Top 3 Reasons For Competency Management Software

Reason #1: The Bad Hire

When you hire the wrong person into a small to mid-sized company, it can spell disaster for the ambitions of everyone working there. Not only are there huge costs associated with onboarding new employees, but the opportunity cost of taking other employees’ away from their day-to-day tasks to support orientation and training can have a big impact on overall team productivity. 

It is critical to make sure you are using measurable tools to support your hiring initiative that won’t slow you down. As an HR professional, you need to be confident in the tools that you are providing to your hiring managers so that they can run their process themselves while easily adhering to best practice.

Benefits of using CompetencyCore: Our Competency Management System helps you to reduce that failure rate by providing the tools to ensure that the person you’re hiring has the capabilities to do the job.

Our machine-learning job descriptions define the competency requirements for each job and have associated interview questions pre-mapped so you can provide your hiring mangers step by step interview guides to follow.

This will result in a more efficient process and help you avoid spending both money & time on new hires that aren’t a good fit for the position.


Learn more about how CompetencyCore, our competency management software, can help your organization today >> 


Reason #2: Unmotivated People Quit

As we all know, life is often accompanied by change. Preparing for the diverse change in our workforce today will put you in a better position; regardless of your organization size.

According to Deloitte Insights, organizations should consider putting development programs in place for workforce segments at all ages and learning styles at each stage in a worker’s career.

This engagement is crucial to the longevity of an organization and its workforce (particularly for key positions).

Without it, you will find that most of your employees are disengaged and are unable to see any paths for advancement within your company (not for lack of trying).

Having someone quit at the wrong time can have a major impact on a small company and leave you scrambling to fill the position.

Benefits of using CompetencyCore:  Our Competency Management Solution comes with a Career Path Navigation module that outlines the organizational structure of the company and ensures that employees can freely explore their pathway for advancement within your company.

The ability for every employee to get a clear and precise understanding of the skills and abilities they need to succeed, provides a greater motivation to stay with the company, as the advancement objectives are clearly outlined from the start.


Reason #3: HR Is Not A Priority

As a general rule in business, HR tends to be the last department that receives budget. It can be hard to get money beyond your typical HR infrastructure like HRIS or payroll systems.

When companies grow, the organizational changes create unrest, and it is critical to invest in the management of people, and look for innovative solutions to help you hire, retain and develop the people who will help take your company to the next level.  

Taking a competency-driven approach helps you do this. By understanding the key competencies required by your employees to be successful in their jobs, you can build effective HR programs that communicate job expectations and set the stage for personal growth.

What a Competency Management Solution enables you to do, is to make sure your employees are growing with the business, rather than out of it.

Benefits of using CompetencyCore:  Gain clear objectives, direction and values through using competencies to define your organization. This can serve as part of the communication strategy that will help to retain employees at your organization.


Building the Business Case

Okay, so you’ve read the post above, and you believe what we’re saying 110%. You believe that this is the best thing you can implement for success.

Now, how do you get the boss to buy-in to the benefits of competency management software?


1.  Start by framing your problem statement:

Here at (insert company name), our objective is to be number 1 in the (insert industry) industry. To achieve this, we need to hire and retain the best people for the job. As we grow our business, we face a substantial risk in employees disengaging from the company.

2. Highlight 1 weakness and 2 strengths of your company:

While (insert company name) has a distinct culture and clearly defined values, the majority of our employees are unable to identify how those values affect their daily job.

3. Submit your proposed solution:

Through extensive research, HRSG’s CompetencyCore has been identified as a potential solution. CompetencyCore would allow us to clearly define the core competencies in behavioral terms, that would have specific actions and indicators tied to them.

These could then be added to employee job descriptions to explain how the company values play a role in how our employees conduct themselves.


And just like that, you’ve started building your business case for HRSG’s CompetencyCore software.