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May 31, 2018

I'm Simon, the CEO of a large company that was helped by HRSG. As the CEO, I don't have the time to focus on the process part of our HR initiatives, but I'm really focused on the outcomes. And I knew we had several high-level talent management challenges that needed addressing. Once I started hearing about competencies, I found myself drawn to HRSG to see how these approaches could help my organization.

The Benefits of Competencies

One of the first things I did was to gain a better understanding of how competencies could be aligned to my vision for the company. I skimmed Why you should align your competencies and business goals to get a better initial understanding, and then browsed Great ROI Awaits Investors in Competency Management to actually see some of the results of a competency approach. 

Building Our Talent

The next step in my review was to check some of the other resources to see if any of them could solve the fact that I kept losing people all the time. There was some very valuable lessons in   Building a powerful team with competencies, but something that provided actionable insights into some of our issues a little more directly was Solve your high turnover problem with these simple steps

I tasked my Human Resource Officer and their team to look over some of the more in-depth articles and put together a business case for this. Meanwhile, I focused on finding out more about how competencies were being used to solve challenges in articles like Achieve your business goals with competencies and  How Investing in Employee Training Benefits your Business.

Considering the Costs

Finally, I wanted to get a sense of how much this was going to cost the company to implement. Before I started working it out though, my Human Resource Officer shared Why you should keep investing in competencies which showed me that this would not be a one-time investment, but was instead a continuous process. That helped frame our decision to implement competencies, and construct a tighter budget for it. 

If you need more info on any of this stuff, you (or someone on your team) should definitely reach out to an HRSG representative!

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