CompetencyCore 7.5 is Almost Here

Caitlin Leishman

Next week we're excited to launch CompetencyCore 7.5!

Our team at HRSG has been working hard to continue improvements to CompetencyCore, making it easier to navigate and use for your unique organizational needs. 

The focus for this release is improving the Libraries, involving a comprehensive re-design and improvements to management workflows and import/export abilities. You will also see authentication improvements, an Audit Log, and further interface and dashboard updates. 

Here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • Updated Libraries - Easier navigation across libraries, groups, and more. There is a streamlined design for easier competency viewing, as well as an easier workflow for creating libraries, groups, subgroups, and items. We are even implementing a new data transfer technology that makes importing and exporting libraries faster than ever! 
  • A New Audit Log Page – Admins can now view and track recorded events for libraries and job profiles content on the Audit Log page. You will be able to see what libraries, job profile items, and groups have been created, modified, or deleted in the past 90 days. 
  • Org Import Improvements - Thanks to your feedback, we've made several updates to our processes. All imports from now on will update the information for existing users, rather than adding to their current association. Duplicate positions in imports will now create additional positions for new users in the import file, rather than unlinking existing users. 
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