CompetencyCore 7.4 Coming in August 2017

Caitlin Leishman

We're excited to launch CompetencyCore 7.4 in August! After our big CompetencyCore 7.3 launch in June we wanted to continue working towards making CompetencyCore a better experience for all users. We'd like to thank you for your feedback, and can't wait for you to try the improved software features.

The focus for this release is improving the functionality of the dashboard, as well as implementing a better navigation framework. We're giving administrators more management options and greater customization permissions. We have also added several new dashboard widget options to make CompetencyCore a more integrated software tool.

 The CompetencyCore navigation framework has also been reworked. Administrators and users now have easier access to all CompetencyCore modules, and improved drop-down menus make navigating CompetencyCore a breeze.

Here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • A flexible dashboard display - new display options with a responsive user interface, three new widgets, and new management options.
  • An intuitive navigation framework– easier access to administrative tools, drop-down menus to switch between modules, and more options for toggling menu visibility create an improved user experience.

For more about these exciting new features, stay tuned for our product release blog posts! They will have in depth information about the changes to come, and the benefits for your organization. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our competency experts if you have any other questions.

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