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May 31, 2018

Hi! I'm Patti, a human resources manager that was helped by HRSG. I know personally that competencies can be confusing for people to get the hang of, so I put together some of my favorite blog posts that I used when I needed to get everybody on board with a competency-based approach.

Keeping Our Best Talent On Board

A big issue I faced was keeping my company's talented employees on board. Talent mobility was one solution we tried, that we found worked for us. Check out  Why talent mobility is important for the workforce.

When I had a question that I was unsure about, I turned to Competency Corner Live to get my question answered.  Suzanne Simpson provided some of that guidance to me and shared her thoughts on why competencies were so valuable. A Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Simpson: The Highlights.

Addressing Skill Gaps

A common refrain at my office was managers complaining how they couldn't find anyone with the right skill set to hire for their team. We tried looking for something to help us get over the skills gap and found some great value in Using competencies to eliminate skill gaps.

Increasing Impact

Something that competencies really helped us with was increasing the impact of our HR initiatives. By providing employees with access to the competencies, we empowered them to make their own choices. See it in action here: Competencies empower employees to take charge of their careers

Getting Buy-In for Competencies

Talking our CEO and CFO into letting us implement competencies was a massive challenge that we had as we needed to demonstrate the value to them. A key part of our planning process was to read The key to gaining momentum for your competency project, to better understand how we should talk about competencies. We also looked at Best Practice Guide: Implementing Competencies to help frame our implementation processes.

If you've got any questions as you're checking out this section, I highly recommend that you talk to an HRSG representative! 

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