Paving the way for Indigenous employment with competencies

November 29, 2017

This client case study demonstrates how employment barriers can be alleviated through a well defined competency framework. Learn how Ilinniapaa turned to HRSG to:

  • Help them create a competency-based assessment tool focusing around the nine essential skills required for workplace success. 
  • Reduce illiteracy rates that account for large skill gaps
  • Empower indigenous people with learning pathways at each job level


"What's great about CompetencyCore is that it truly is adaptable, and you are able to re-evaluate what competency levels are needed for certain jobs, and where people are performing on a consistent scale. It makes creating training paths and performance management so much easier."

Helen Roos, President, Campus Coordinator & Lead Facilitator

Ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre



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Driving career development with competencies
Driving career development with competencies