Empowering managers is the key to organizational success

June 26, 2018 Caitlin Leishman

Organizational leaders often focus on empowering employees but overlook the importance of engaging and empowering managers. When managers are empowered, they pass on that motivation to the employees on their teams and drive strong business results. So, what can leaders do to empower their management staff?

First, leaders must ensure that managers understand the goals that drive the organizational vision. Make sure to communicate metrics and explain the ‘why’ behind each goal. By making sure that managers feel connected to the organizational strategy, they will be able to pass that understanding along to their employees. This means that employees are more likely to exhibit the behaviors necessary to succeed, as they can see how they fit into the broader success of the organization.

It’s important to also let managers get involved in developing the business strategy. This gives them necessary experience if they want to eventually move into a more sophisticated leadership role. By helping them unleash their potential, you are creating a management staff that is engaged in the organization’s strategic priorities. They can become more self-directed since they have a greater understanding of results and targets.

Provide coaching and training programs to managers so they have the resources they need to continue their career development. By providing technology-based tools and implementing competencies, managers can reduce the burden on the HR team, and be able to better support themselves and their employees. By implementing competencies, everyone in the organization can clearly see the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for success in each position. Managers will be better able to plan career paths for themselves and their staff, guide employees toward directed learning plans, and have an overall better understanding of their available talent.

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