5 Reasons to Get Excited about CompetencyCore in 2019

March 11, 2019 Sarah Beckett

2018 was a great year for CompetencyCore, our leading competency management software platform.

With the incorporation of AI-generated Job Descriptions and Career Path Navigation functionality, CompetencyCore has become a competency-driven system that helps businesses:

  1. Map your world of work (in your organization) through job descriptions and competencies.
  2. Give your employees the tools to navigate that world and identify career advancement opportunities within your organization.

Stick with us over the next 500 words and we’ll give you a quick snapshot of 5 major things to expect from our software in the remainder of 2019.  


1. AI suggested competencies

Building on our AI capabilities for writing job descriptions at scale, CompetencyCore will soon offer competency profiling at scale.  

This addition to the platform will enable users to identify the most relevant competencies for a given job with the click of a button.  

Used in conjunction with our job validation tools, you can engage managers and employees in reviewing and approving job descriptions and competency profiles. With this, you have the full workflow needed to quickly and easily implement competencies across your organization.  

Coming Spring 2019! 


2. Take EVEN MORE of the 'job' out of job descriptions

Most organizations that work with us to improve job descriptions are looking for a tool that will help them manage their job descriptions over time. And more often than not, they want to use their own job descriptions as the starting point.  

We have found that our clients are typically spending on average 30 minutes per job to input, edit and finalize their job descriptions in CompetencyCore.  

The goal is to cut that time down to 10 minutes per job, saving HR professionals massive amounts of time when looking at managing jobs across the entire organization.  

With this, users will be able to easily get their job description data into our software. Leveraging the AI capabilities, the data will be parsed and sorted into content libraries so that it is reusable and supports the job matching and employee career pathing activities.  

Coming Summer 2019! 


3. Interoperability

As we continue on our path to be a product leader in job descriptions and competency management, we're making competencies more accessible for small and medium-sized companies.  

With the job description validation and employee sign-off functionality, as well as career path navigation and the employee personal profile, employees can now use and interact with competencies on a regular basis. This makes it more critical than ever that user data be maintained and up to date.  

To make this easier, CompetencyCore functionality will soon include an HRIS importer, a universal import tool to bring employee and organizational structure data into the system and maintain it over time.  

Coming Spring 2019! 


4. Filling out the recruiting process

By far, the most common reason that people write a job description is for hiring purposes.  

With the CompetencyCore Mapping subscription plan, users get access to not just the 500+ job descriptions and 150+ universal and corporate technical competencies, but also 1500+ competency-based interview questions pre-mapped to the competencies included on every job description.  

One of the additions coming this year is an easier way to automatically create a job requisition that’s ready for posting directly from the job description.  

Currently, users export the job description to Microsoft Word and edit the content as required for the job post. That process will be made simpler to save precious time from those small, tedious tasks.  

Coming Fall/Winter 2019! 


5. Enhanced implementation and advisory services

One of HRSG’s core values is our commitment to customer success.  

Over our 30 years delivering competency-based consulting services, we know that implementing competencies can be hard.  

To ensure our clients have continued success on their journey to fulfill their mission of hiring, retaining and developing only the best people, we are revamping our implementation and advisory programs. We’re aligning our 30 years of experience in consulting and competency management with the latest in competency-driven HR tech.  

Coming Spring 2019! 

Next Steps

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About the Author

Sarah Beckett

Sarah is an experienced marketer with over 12 years experience. She drives HRSG brand marketing strategy and the implementation of all related programs.

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