Reflecting back on 27 years delivering competency-based talent management services

November 7, 2016 Suzanne Simpson

This past week, HRSG celebrated its 27th anniversary. When I look back over the almost three decades, much has obviously changed. From the technologies we use, to the make-up of the workforce, to employee value systems – we have seen dramatic shifts in how we do business on a day-to-day. But what has not changed are the underlying business issues that we are helping our clients address.

Prior to starting HRSG, I worked with a number of different employer groups, and what became apparent was that all organizations regardless of their size or sector, needed systems to help them better understand and manage their greatest resource – their people. At that time, competencies were a cumbersome tool to manage and use, and were reserved for the most part for large sized organizations. But coming from a background in Organizational Psychology, I knew the value that these tools could bring to all organizations.

Working with an incredible team of professionals over the years, we have taken that original vision and turned it into a business offering that is accessible to all companies who want to leverage the power of competencies. No longer something to strive for, competencies have become a key element of highly effective talent management programs. In the last few years, we have seen leading talent management systems incorporate competencies as an integral piece of their offering. And in a recent report published by Brandon Hall Group, they stated that “competency management…is the pulse of performance improvement – at the individual and organizational levels.”

Looking ahead, we can expect to see the market for competencies continue to mature, and more and more organizations adopt competencies as the underlying framework for talent management. As the sophistication of competency management tools  continues to evolve, organizations can more easily define their talent needs, address skill deficiencies, and improve individual and organizational performance.

I’m excited to see what comes next for the talent management market as a whole, and how HRSG will continue support organizations to drive strategic success.

I invite you to talk to one of our competency experts to see how this powerful management tool can help your organization meet performance objectives.

About the Author

Suzanne Simpson

Suzanne is a registered industrial-organizational psychologist with 35 years of experience in defining competency frameworks and developing and implementing competency-based talent management products, processes, and systems at the organizational and sectoral levels. She is also a sought-after speaker and facilitator.

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