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  • HRSG 5-day CBM Training Program

    HRSG 5-day CBM Training Program

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    HRSG Competencies & Profiles: See them now!

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  • Competency Sample Pack

    Competency Sample Pack

    Take a closer look at the tools that can help you fast-track competency-based talent management in your organization by downloading a free sample competency pack. The sample pack includes a pre-develo

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  • Building the case for competencies

    Building the case for competencies

    What are competencies? Competencies identify the observable behaviors of top performers, and describe not just WHAT these employees do, but HOW they do it.

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  • Competency Dictionary - Build or Buy

    Competency Dictionary - Build or Buy

    The “build or buy” debate is one that often crops up for companies deciding whether to buy off-the-shelf or SaaS software or custom-build their own application. In the case of software, the “buy” side

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  • Competency Infosheet

    Competency Infosheet

    If you are considering competencies as a way to improve organizational excellence, this info sheet will give you a starting point in your evaluation process.

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  • Functional-Competency-Packages


    To get you started down the path of competencies quickly and easily, we have pre-built packages of general and technical competencies for key areas common to all organization: Accounting and finance..

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  • Competency Coaching Package

    Competency Coaching Package

    One-on-one or team coaching led by our competency experts can increase your capacity and enable you to confidently implement a competency-based initiative. Coaching engagements are tailored to your in

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  • HRSG Foundation, Corporate and Industry Competencies and Profiles

    HRSG Foundation, Corporate and Industry Competencies and Profiles

    See HRSG’s complete range of general, technical, and leadership competencies by downloading a free competency dictionary pack. This info pack includes a list of 340 profiles and 550+ competencies, plu

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  • CompetencyCore Brochure

    CompetencyCore Brochure

    Learn more about HRSG’s specialized, cloud-based competency management tool, CompetencyCore. Build a customized competency framework affordably and in a fraction of the time with HRSG’s competency man

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  • Software: CompetencyCore / Competency-Manager (SaaS)

    Software: CompetencyCore / Competency-Manager (SaaS)

    The Competency Manager is the only solution to focus exclusively on the development and management of competencies. It acts as a central repository for competency content as well as a supportive frame

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